Steve Singer

steve singer in a forestSteve Singer is a local consulting forest biologist originally from Southern California. He moved to Santa Cruz in 1972 when he took a position as a park ranger at Big Basin State Park. Steve has always had a passion for birds and so as he progressed his naturalist work started to focus more on the endangered Marbled Murrelet. His passion eventually led him to help form the Santa Cruz Bioregional Mountain Council, which was concerned with improving and protecting biodiversity within the Santa Cruz Mountains watershed so future naturalists could enjoy their wonder. He currently serves on the board of the Santa Cruz Bioregional Mountain Council. 

steve singer in a forestSteve defines a naturalist as someone who studies the natural world. They can either make observations or conduct experiments. A naturalist might not complete the scientific method and you don’t need a PhD or training in ornithology to be a scientist. You don’t have to be sponsored by a university to find answers. Instead you just have to get out and observe!