Music in Natural History



The same way humans have deep ties to nature, we also have an emotional connection with music. Many of us have enjoyed hearing the guitar being played around a campfire, listening to friends create music, or play instruments ourselves. As a talented musician Ryan Carle has created a unique connection between nature and music by writing fun songs about the natural world. Most of these songs are written while he is out on field quarter teaching students about nature. Fun (and educational) having a connection with music and the outdoors is priceless.

“Desert Iguana” by Ryan Carle, Mojave NHFQ Trip 2019

Chords: C, Em, C7, F

Slow and steady pace


C Em C7 F

De-sert I-gua-na

Enunciation goes something like above for the chorus

Desert Iguana

Desert Iguana

Desert Iguana

Will you be my friend

I’m a desert Iguana at Amboy Crater

I live in a basalt hole

Sometimes in the morning

Desert Iguana is cold

I put my head out in the sun

Its warmth it touches me

As I heat up my body

Thermoregulation is free


I come out a little farther

Find my favorite piece of basalt

Because I am an ectotherm

I sit around a lot

Now I’m warm I’m climbing up

To the top of a creosote shrub

Feel the wind rushing through my toes

Thermoregulatory love


Creosote flowers taste so good

But I don’t eat a lot

I’m not really that hungry

Cause I don’t keep my body hot

When nighttime comes and it cools down

I crawl back to my home

My body cools down

To the temperature of the stone

Ectothermy’s not for everyone

But to this iguana in the sand

Sitting around and eating creosote

I think is mighty grand


Say My Latin Name NHFQ 2018

by Ryan Carle

To the tune of, and based on, “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child

Chords: Am F Dm E

Say my name say my name

When no one is around you

Say baby I love you

Say my latin name

Say my name say my name

Your keyins kinda shady

Flippin pages crazy

Why the sudden change

Any other day

The Jepson would say

Stamens 4 to 6

But today it aint the same

Every other word

Is lil-iaceae

Could it be that you are in the Jep with another fam-ilay

If you took it there

First of all, let me say

I don’t want to hear about someone else’s taxonomay

So prove yourself to me

In the next couplet you say

Why don’t you say ten prime

Like you said yesterday?

[bridge, words are sung at double the speed of normal verses]

I know you gonna say I’m assuming things

Something’s going down that’s the way it seems

Shouldn’t be the reason why you’re keying strange

Is your new plant more fresh and green?

Cause I know how you usually do

When you get to couplet two

Why can’t you just tell the truth

If you gotta another species then tell me who


What is up with this

Inflorescence, looks like trash

How would you like it if

My spikelet kicked its ass

Don’t try to change it now

Oh you gotta bounce/ for cook crew

When two seconds ago

Heard you say I’m gonna key something new

It’s hard to believe that you

Gotta check the glossary

When I just heard you coo

Over that 3 chambered ovary