Past Associated Look, Act, Inspire Events

Visit the Exhibit in Person

The in-person exhibition is now closed, thank you for your interest. We will soon have a virtual tour of the exhibition available on here on the virtual exhibit page.


We no longer have any programming associated with this exhibition as it closed on June 30th, but check out past events below.


Past Events:

If you missed our virtual opening on January 31, here is a link to the recording, and a compilation of the participant's hommages to inspirational Santa Cruz Country nature and naturalists. 

If you missed Christian Schwarz's wonderful first lecture on fire-following fungi, here's a link to the recording

If you missed our March 7th event on nature journaling with Jessica Carver, here's a link to the recording.

If you missed our April 13th event about Randy Morgan's Collections, here's a link to the recording.

Our past event on April 25th "Celebrating Earth" and on May 6th "Ethnobotany with Rick Flores" was in-person and does not have a recording.

If you missed our May 19th event about Coast Redwoods and Fire with Zane Moore, here's a link to the recording.

If you missed our June 14th event "Hidden Wonders" where Jessica Carver and a team of intern worked to refinish some of Fred McPherson's old videos, you can check out the videos in a playist here.