Sarah Albright

sarah albright in googlesSarah is a student at UC Santa Cruz working towards her Ecology and Evolutionary Biology degree. She has actively taken part in naturalist activities for 7 years. While at UC Santa Cruz her naturalist development especially benefited from field courses, surveying sparrows and the field quarter super-course. She has found mentorship from a variety of folks at UC Santa Cruz including Vaughan Williams and Kyla Roessler at Younger Lagoon Reserve and Bruce Lyon and Tim Brown when it comes to ornithology and birding. One of Sarah’s most memorable field experiences occurred when she was doing bird research in the Sierra Nevada, and she got a chance to stop and take in the view of an alpine lake, where she felt connected to her surroundings and grounded at the same time. She believes we could improve outreach in the naturalist community by beginning environmental education with field trips early on in the lives of children.