Rozy Bathrick

rozy with mayfliesRozy Bathrick sees a naturalist as someone who gathers pieces of information: stories, identifications, relationships, poems, feelings, observations of the natural world- and encourages them to get to know each other, pays attention to the results and believes in what they are seeing and feeling. The natural world and its endless discoveries are unique in their accessibility, the original free source, open access, available wherever a blade of grass grows, or a small amount of water gathers.

Rozy sees the moment he leapt from being an outdoor enthusiast to a naturalist as when he began to truly believe he possessed the skills to deepen my understanding of the natural world. He has worked to encourage that spark in students of Natural History Field Quarter as a Course assistant, participants on Wilderness Orientation as an instructor and director. He also works to better understand conservation methods as a seabird researcher at Año Nuevo Island.