Nicholas Bishoff

bishoff with binosNicholas Bishoff is an outdoor educator that works at the Ramblin’ Adventure Club which focuses on providing elementary school students meaningful outdoor experiences in Santa Cruz. Nicholas grew up in the Central Coast Region, surrounded by redwoods and beautiful landscapes which had a large impact on his naturalist path. Nicholas is a certified California naturalist and while he was developing as a naturalist, he found mentorship from Gary Snyder. Nicholas sees a naturalist as someone who observes what happens in nature.

Nicholas especially enjoys being a naturalist in Santa Cruz because there are so many diverse microclimates, plants and a large selection of open spaces. One of his most memorable naturalist moments occurred while he was living near Natural Bridges State Park. Once he was observing birds around a wetland and he turned around and saw a great horned owl and found himself in awe. Nicholas thinks a good way to get people involved in natural history is to encourage them to prioritize spending time outside and attend free related lectures from naturalist clubs or museums.