Linda Brodman

linda diggingLinda Brodman has worked as a nurse for over 45 years, but has always been interested in the natural world. In the early 90s when Linda was working in Santa Cruz, she met Ken Moore while volunteering for the Wildland Restoration Team. Working with Ken and learning about restoration really sparked Linda’s passion, so she went on to volunteer at other restoration programs around the county. Linda’s passion for native plants eventually brought her to the Santa Cruz chapter of the California Native Plant Society (CNPS), of which she now serves as President. Linda now also leads restoration volunteer groups to help with non-native species management in the county. Linda especially enjoys being a naturalist in Santa Cruz county because there is such a large network of naturalists which all have different taxonomic interests, which makes it easy to get help when needed. She believes we can get new naturalists involved by just talking with them more and sharing our own excitement about the natural world.