Jenny Anderson

jenny looking through binosJenny Anderson defines a naturalist as someone who loves being outside and has an insatiable curiosity about the natural world, asking ever more complex questions every time you go out. You constantly wonder about why, how, what and get information through observation in the field and research in the lab/museum/scientific literature. You are always surprised and awed and sometimes discouraged about what you find. You gather and respect the need for data. Jenny used to teach environmental interpretation for many years now she is working on research projects collecting data on Golden-Crowned Sparrows at the UC Santa Cruz Arboretum and Black Oystercatcher. She is also involved with three local citizen science projects: 1) the Quail Hollow Nest Box Program, 2) the UCSC Arboretum Nest Box Program and 3) the Breeding Bird Atlas for Santa Cruz County.

jenny under a treeJenny loves being a naturalist in Santa Cruz because there is an abundance in open spaces and the existing spaces provide habitat for so many diverse ecosystems. One challenge Jenny has faced while identifying as a naturalist comes from the public perception that naturalists are often viewed as generalists and not scientists which makes it harder for your research to be accepted in some places.