Amy Patten

Patten's faceAmy graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2009 and has lived in Santa Cruz ever since. Amy works on various projects such as the coordinator for the local California Native Plant Society Rare Treasure Plant program and also worked for Dr. Barry Sinervo assisting in herpetology research. Amy views a naturalist as someone who studies the world through research or casual observation. Amy believes you do not need formal training to be a naturalist, but just genuine curiosity and to make observations. Although Amy enjoys natural history and her career within the field, she has indicated that it is often hard to find jobs and the jobs that are available often do not have pay that match the standard of living. It can be a little unstable until you can find a permanent position. Some of Amy’s most memorable naturalist moments come from sharing experiences in nature with friends and family because it provides community and a chance to share observations about the natural world. In fact, she also believes that community is the best way to get new folks interested in natural history. Amy indicates that people generally enjoy photos and well told stories, which could help get more interested in naturalism. She also thinks mentorship is important for the development of young naturalists.